Would you like to DIY (Do It Yourself) with a plan provided by Organized Transitions LLC®?  Or maybe coaching in areas like time management or a life transition is the right fit for you.

Not all clients are candidates for in-person organizing or maybe they prefer to do it on their own. This is why Organized Transitions offers assistance by phone, virtually (video chat such as Facetime), written plan or a combination of these methods. We know that sometimes styles, schedules or budgets demand alternative solutions.

Do It Yourself Organizing, virtual organizing, consulting with Organized Transitions LLC

During a phone consultation, we can begin to evaluate:

  • Your goals, concerns, visions;
  • What methods suit your learning and motivational style;
  • If you are a candidate for homework;
  • What you would like to be held accountable for;
  • Areas of learning or difficulty that need to be addressed;
  • How you can best follow direction;
  • The most time and cost-efficient way to proceed.

Some benefits of a DIY Solution:

  • Flexibility with your budget, schedule, and duration of organizing sessions;
  • Determining what style or combination of DIY works for you — written plan, virtual organizing (video chat) or in-person;
  • When you will or won’t do homework;
  • When it is desirable to have others such as friends or family assist you;
  • Whether or not you would like to schedule follow-up or progress calls to ask questions, chart progress, obstacles, changes in scope of work, etc.
  • How you would like to exchange or share information;
  • Time-saving tips on shopping for products.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” or a “cookie-cutter” approach. Let’s custom tailor a solution for you.

Organized Transitions also offers workshops on popular organizing topics. Please contact us for a full list or ask if something specific can be offered.