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Move Management

Moving with Organized Transitions LLC

From coordinating movers, the handyman and stagers to packing and unpacking your precious belongings, we take the hassle out of your move. So you have the energy to focus on making the transition.

Senior Moves

Senior Relocation Services by Organized Transitions LLC

As a Certified Senior Move Manager, Elaine and the Organized Transitions LLC® team make downsizing easy. Our Senior Move Services help you sort, declutter and pack, vet movers, and assist with resettling in your new home or senior community.

Moving during Covid-19

Moving with Organized Transitions LLC during the pandemic

Organized Transitions LLC® holds the NASMM COVID-19 Certificate in Prevention & Safety Excellence for Senior Move Managers®. Our team has been following strict rules to comply with the latest safety requirements to protect you and your loved ones during your move.



Home Organizing with Organized Transitions LLC

We help you build and maintain organizing systems custom-tailored to your needs, so you get bliss back into your busy life. From kitchens to closets, garages to basements, and time management to concierge services, Organized Transitions LLC® is your partner in everything organizing!


Estate Sales with Organized Transitions LLC

Organized Transitions LLC® is well versed in working with individuals or companies to facilitate the closure of an estate. Our services include estate sale execution, sorting, decluttering and packing prior to a cleanout, estate cleanouts, and auctions. With Organized Transitions LLC®’s estate settlement services you save valuable time and energy.


Organized Transitions LLC at Work

Whether you own your business or are engaged in corporate employment, we can work with you to improve productivity, and help your business scale. File management, space planning, and creating workflow systems are just some of the services that result in optimum efficiency.

Hi! I am Elaine Fernando, owner of Organized Transitions LLCⓇ. My company performs worldwide move management; as well as home, business and estate organizing.

At Organized Transitions LLC®, we believe transformation goes beyond bins and labels; so clearly outlining how we will implement strategies to make a client’s move happen on time and with minimal stress is crucial. Are you looking to move to a different state or country? We provide white-glove service helping you manage your move from packing, vetting movers and appraisers, checking insurance coverage, starting an inventory– all the way to unpacking at your destination.

As pertains to home organization, we will help you organize your home from top to bottom and establish systems for you and your family members making your life at home less stressful.

The same speaks true for an organized work environment. Whether you are a solopreneur or business owner with employees, we know you have enough to do. We can help you structure your office environment, enhance workflow and implement productivity tools that work! File management–that’s our specialty too.

If you are an estate professional, trustee or beneficiary, we will liaise with you and other professionals necessary to ensure a speedy estate closure; whether it be working with appraisers for equitable distribution or emptying a home ready for sale.

Whatever your project is, let Organized Transitions LLC® help you put bliss back into your daily living, so that you can focus on what matters more to you in life.

Let us be your solution. Don’t be overwhelmed. Organized Transitions LLC® is here to help you take back control of your life. Transform your home and your life to an organized and tranquil sanctuary. Do it now!

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We were featured in a recent Apartment Guide article for Redfin: Expert Organizing Tips for Every Room of Your Apartment

Deep shelves? Avoid duplicates or thinking you’re out of certain items by putting risers toward the back of shelves so items placed in back there don’t get overlooked.

Someone always taking the last of an item? Keep a dry erase board and marker inside your pantry door to help family members keep grocery lists up to date.

Do you have shelves to spare? Designate a “baskets per recipe” shelf: Take a basket, place a recipe card with all the necessary pantry items in that basket. Then just add the meat and/or veggies from the fridge necessary to complete the recipe.

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Organizing is difficult and can be a stressful, time-consuming project. It’s also an essential skill that can increase your physical and emotional health. Chances are, though, that during an organizing project, you made a few mistakes. While it’s natural to feel disappointed or frustrated when mistakes occur, it’s important to recognize them as valuable learning opportunities rather than failures.

So, whether you live in a house in Brentwood, CA, or a Greenville, SC, apartment, these expert-backed tips are sure to make your life easier. Read on for 27 organizing mistakes to avoid during your next decluttering project.

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We were named a top interior design and organization expert by Sierra Living Concepts.

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Check out the recent Redfin article we were featured in: 25 Living Room Organization Ideas for Every Home

If your living room is cluttered and chaotic, it can be tough to relax and spend time with your family or entertain guests. Your living room can become even more challenging to use if you have a large family or an abundance of belongings. But by taking a few simple steps to organize your space, you can turn your living room into a haven of peace and relaxation.

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